======== * Micro NIKKOR 40mm 2:8G

Smooth & clever fellow
My private amateur candela test done, enjoy! 
- Pictures from Nikon D5100, see the left side of this page -


Nikon Laser Rangefinder 550A S was in my hand

Well, I played with it for a while


--- Nikon has 2 stereo channel ears now ---

Yes! Nikon Unidirectional mic has born!
( Back-electret condenser mic)
Frequency response.......... 70-16,000 Hz
Sensitivity.... -42dB ( 0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz )
Signal-to-noise ratio........ 60 dB or more
Low-cut filter........ controlled by switch
Plug....... Gold-plated, L-shaped, 3.5mm

You can hear the results by clicking here:
Vimeo link (Listen to ME-1 mic?)
Try this or find it onYoutube